Finally Friday

We made it…woo!

This has been an exceptionally busy week for me personally, and many of the people around me.  Usually I am able to thrive off of excited energy and power through deadlines and major projects, but this week has me beat.  So here is a list of a few things that I’m feeling right now.

1. Dr. Who

dr who

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I know I am acceptionally late to the party on this one, but I’m obsessed.  Little AC has been a Doctor Who fans for years and I would catch an episode or two here and there with her.  But thanks to the glory of Netflix I am catching up on the latest 7 seasons.  Its an amazing show, great storylines, great British humor, and the Tenth Doctor is bad on the eyes either.  I recommend you watch a few episodes, give it a try.

2.  Running


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Last October when I accompanied Mommy Dearest to the Baltimore Running Festival, I promised myself I would run in it next year.  After much thought, research, and Buzzfeed lists about what to accomplish in your 20s, I have settled on doing the half marathon.  Yes, you heard it here, I am sanely choosing to travel 13.1.  I refuse to say run it because honestly I will never be able to run that far, but I will be able to GO that far.  I found an awesome 6 month training guide, which gives me plenty of time.  I am pumped just thinking about when I finally get to put a 13.1 sticker on my car, becaue you better believe I’m that kind of person.

3. Puppies

No explanation needed, just take a look at them.


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  My kind of dog.


Right Now

I am…

overwhelmed with work and the news that I will be the ONLY support staff for our office.

excited at the prospect of a new job.

missing ML and AC.

wishing for warmer weather, or even just more sunshine.

looking forward to this weekend and ML’s family’s Superbowl party.

hoping this day will go quickly, so I can get into my comfy pants.

Medium City: Hamilton Tavern

As a lifelong Baltimorian I have seen the ups and downs a city can undergo in just a few decades.  The neighborhood I live in is solidly middle class, with tree lines streets and single family homes.  When I was a youngster it was a totally safe place, while Baltimore ranked among one of the most dangerous cities in the United States.  Flash forward to the early 2000s and the neighborhood began to change.  With the growth of the Baltimore suburbs began the great familial exodus, and the problems with urban decay. This is not a urban theory blog or sociology blog, so I will refrain from getting into my personal theory or opinion about the early 2000s in my neighborhood.

One great change that came with the new identity of the neighborhood was that it was a great place for artists and new chefs to bring their ideas.  Within a few years the mainstreet corridor was dotted with restaurants, taverns, bakeries, all wonderful and many adhering to the farm to table ideology.

With that being said, I have only tried a few of these eateries and I want to take you on my locavore adventures with me.  First on the list, the Hamilton Tavern.

Image via

Image via

The Hamilton Tavern is a local tavern know for its burgers and beer.  I of course got neither on my recent trip. Go figure.  While this recent trip was my first, it will hardly be my last.  Most important item first: THE FOOD IS A-MAZE-ING!!!!!  I got their Grownup Grilled Cheese, made with muliple cheeses, including PIMENTO CHEESE!!, bacon, onions and tomatoes, served with their tomato florentine soup.  It was huge and so delicious, I swear I could have eaten 4.  I had a phenom glass of pinot noir, a different choice for me, but super tasty.  ML went the traditional route and got their famous burger, and a beer locally brewed in Philly, which I have never seen outside of the Philly area.

All in all I would highly recommend the Hamilton Tavern.  Our server was great, and she didn’t even mind when halfway through our meal we asked to switch tables to get away from the door and the polar vortex outside.  It was also great for me personally to go there on the random Thursday night we did because when we walked in there were family and young couples everywhere, something that has been gone but steadily returning to little old Hamilton.

Role Models

Today is a big day for me.  I am highly considering leaving the organization I work for to move to another, and today is the big interview.  Its at moments like these that I like to turn to others for advice and support.  I could wax poetic about my family and how wonderful they are, but this space will be for some unlikely role models I have found along the way.

Meet my dear friend L.


I had the chance of a lifetime to work with her, and while our time together was brief, she taught me so much.  You should visit her blog, singlemamachronicles and learn her story.  What she taught me was to be proud of who I am and the person I made myself, because sometimes you will find yourself alone, and its up to you to be strong.  She also showed me its important to be passionate, and in our field of work its important to follow that passion, but most importantly you have to always do what is best for you.  She is the kind of person that makes you proud to know, and I cannot wait to see the amazing things still yet to come her way.  My words fall short of how highly I thnk of her, even after subjecting me to listening to country music on the way to lunch!!

I have also found two role models in the blogging community, who I do not know in real life, but I take a lot away from their online personas.  Meet Teddi and BHB, real life friends, and great online role models.  I first found the wonderful world of blogs when I was at a very low point in my life.  Reading the sharp, witty, and smart words of these two blogs helped put a smile on my face.  Their honesty about the trials and tribulations in love, work, family, death, life, etc. are things I have been able to relate to.  Also, while I guess you can call them lifestyle blogs, they are not necessarily parading around in a lifestyle I could only dream about.  It is so genuinely nice to see these two overcome and find themselves surround by great love, great success, and great friends.

Things to Ponder

This weekend I am having a fun-filled weekend of weddings and birthdays.  While I’m out eating too much cake I will not be able to ponder some of these things that have plagued my mind this week.


1. Birds.  People they are just weird.


2. Seasame Street.  Where is this all accepting place where people and puppets co-mingle?


3. Coffee Flavoring.  How do they do it?  (This I’m sure I can Google, but its better to leave it mysterious.)

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

My Issues with…Facebook

Time for a good old fashioned rant.

Years ago in high school, when both Facebook and I were young the word of social media was a wonderous thing.  I had roughly 200 friends, who I knew IRL.  You would post pictures of the field party from last Saturday, with all the beer cans covered up with a quick paint job. We used groups to claim prom dresses (It was an all girls high school), and posted statuses stating Katie is…going to sleep.

But not anymore…

Now there are three groups who have infiltrated Facebook and are ruining it for the rest of us nostalgic normal people.

Offender 1: Moms

I am FB friends with my mom, and many of my friends’ mothers, as well as those of my friends who are mothers.  My issue with moms on Facebook is by no means pictures of their children, because who doesn’t love pictures of sweet little kids, my issue is when they use their status are an open forum to complain about their children.  The whole world doesn’t need to know when little Johnny didn’t make it to the potty on time, or when Suzy got a C in Algebra.  My least favorite of the mom posts are the “so and so is grounded for life because he snuck out, got into an accident, etc. and I’m about to kill him”.  Excuse me ladies, but this is uncalled for and humiliating to your child.  That whole chain of events that led you to that post is due to a lack of respect, not just from your son/daughter but from you as well.  If you need a place to vent that badly, please look up a reputable mental health professional.

Offender 2: Party People

True story, I am Facebook friends with a kid I went to elementary school with.  Growing up, I rarely heard him speak, and I actually forgot that he matriculated with the class from 1st grade through 8th grade.  If you had asked me six months ago what had become of this guy I would have guess he is a lab scientst or something else highly intellectual and quiet.  Oh I was wrong. This aformentioned young man is a raver.  And he makes a point to tell the world when he is drunk, high, hungry, going to a rave, at a rave, leaving a rave, tripping, tired, ready to get drunk again.  Shaking my head.  I don’t care if you choose that lifestyle for yourself, its a free country.  I do think if you ever want a legitimate job you should probably avoid posting on the internet that you drop molly four times a week.  Unless of course you are looking for a future in Miley Cyrus’ posse.  Then carry on my friend.

Offender 3: The Semi-political/Semi-religious People.

Dear FB ranter, please locate Benghazi on a map. kthanks!  As an individual who sought out a higher education based in the politics and religion, specifically those traditions of the Middle East you can see why this bothers me.  Rooted in my deep love of the beauty and traditions of most all religions, minus those that have child brides and Scientology, I believe everyone is entitled to define their faith as they want.  I also believe that FB is not the forum to shove your political or religious beliefs in others faces.  That what you have ablog for, am I right??  Let’s make the world a better place and keep our very humble and maybe not the best informed opinions about global politics and religions to ourselves???

Nnkay? Great!