Let’s be a little cliche…

Welcome to my blog!

This little corner of the interwebs is the result of encouragement from Mr. ML, new found free time, and a need for a outlet space.  So here it is.  I’ve never been fantastic at this, I had a Xanga a million years ago and wrote in it approximately four times over three years.  But I’m hoping this will be a better adventure, after all I am 23 and not 12 this go around.

So as this is part of a list of promises I am making to my self (NOT resolutions)..Here is the rest of the list:

1. Get healthy.  If I lose weight, which I most likely will, fantastic.  If I don’t, so be it.  I am dedicating time to living healthier, not just through food and excercise, but through managing my anxiety issues through new channel (Hello blog!) and making an effort to be happy.

2. Organize.  I like to pretend I’m super organized.  I have this beautiful planner that I write things and and then forget to look at.  I have a color coordinated office calendar, that I forget to look at.  I have been so overwhelmed over the past few years with school, an intership/job, and part-time jobs that all of my good intentions to get organized has faltered.  But as I hope to become calmer, maybe fewer things will slip my mind.

3. Have fun.  ML and I are going to master the savings game moving forward.  Someday we are going to move out of my mother house, someday we are going to get hitched (I hope), and someday we are going to travel the world.  And that all requires large sums of money.  But we don’t want to spend our lives living like church mice until we can for over tens of thousands of dollars to do these things.  So we are taking the advice of one of my recent classmates, who own a wonderful Italian restaurant in Baltimore, and we are treating ourselves to something new or fancy or fun once a month.  I’m excited to try the many places that Baltimore and Philly have to offer.

Much of this doesn’t make sense since no one knows anything about me yet, but it will all fall into place soon enough.


One thought on “Let’s be a little cliche…

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