Medium City: Hamilton Tavern

As a lifelong Baltimorian I have seen the ups and downs a city can undergo in just a few decades.  The neighborhood I live in is solidly middle class, with tree lines streets and single family homes.  When I was a youngster it was a totally safe place, while Baltimore ranked among one of the most dangerous cities in the United States.  Flash forward to the early 2000s and the neighborhood began to change.  With the growth of the Baltimore suburbs began the great familial exodus, and the problems with urban decay. This is not a urban theory blog or sociology blog, so I will refrain from getting into my personal theory or opinion about the early 2000s in my neighborhood.

One great change that came with the new identity of the neighborhood was that it was a great place for artists and new chefs to bring their ideas.  Within a few years the mainstreet corridor was dotted with restaurants, taverns, bakeries, all wonderful and many adhering to the farm to table ideology.

With that being said, I have only tried a few of these eateries and I want to take you on my locavore adventures with me.  First on the list, the Hamilton Tavern.

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The Hamilton Tavern is a local tavern know for its burgers and beer.  I of course got neither on my recent trip. Go figure.  While this recent trip was my first, it will hardly be my last.  Most important item first: THE FOOD IS A-MAZE-ING!!!!!  I got their Grownup Grilled Cheese, made with muliple cheeses, including PIMENTO CHEESE!!, bacon, onions and tomatoes, served with their tomato florentine soup.  It was huge and so delicious, I swear I could have eaten 4.  I had a phenom glass of pinot noir, a different choice for me, but super tasty.  ML went the traditional route and got their famous burger, and a beer locally brewed in Philly, which I have never seen outside of the Philly area.

All in all I would highly recommend the Hamilton Tavern.  Our server was great, and she didn’t even mind when halfway through our meal we asked to switch tables to get away from the door and the polar vortex outside.  It was also great for me personally to go there on the random Thursday night we did because when we walked in there were family and young couples everywhere, something that has been gone but steadily returning to little old Hamilton.


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