Oh thats right, I have a blog

Hi Friends,

As I was very rudely told a few days ago, it is anti-feminist to apologize for things you have no control over. While I don’t necessarily agree with that statement, I will not give you a long sob story about where I have been. Maybe a few pictures, but no sob stories.

I like having my own little corner of the world that lets me vent and make pretty collages. Sometimes I do feel silly about the whole thing, afraid of what people might think. But my interwebs friends, this place is not for them. It is for those who want to share in the many pictures of Charlie, my ramblings about working in the world of nonprofits, and splitting my time between the two places I love most in the world.

Not much has changed in my world, really nothing at all. But stick with me people, things are bound to get exciting one of these days.


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