Picture Dump

Since I was gone for so long, I figured the best way to recount those missed occasions was through pictures, rather than words.

I bought a car 🙂

AC graduated!

AC graduated!

Congratulations Grads!

Congratulations Grads!


Our little family

Our little family


My favorite people

My favorite people


Ate my first crabs of the season!

Ate my first crabs of the season!



and finally...another picture of ML with the Charlie bug

and finally…another picture of ML with the Charlie bug



The First Monthaverasary

Few things irk me more than couples who celebrate each month they have been together.  That is fine when you are in middle school and the ultimate longevity of your “relationship” is dictated by the 9 months of the school year.  Then, and only then, is it even remotely appropriate to write on the Facebook “Happy 3 months babe! Love you 4eva!”

We have all done it, but let us move on in life to bigger and better things.

This month-iversary is to celebrate the first official month with the furriest love in my life, the little lady Charlie.

It has only been 30 days, and we have already had our ups and downs, but she has snuggled her way into my heart.


shy Charlie


Charlie in mid-March with a Christmas stocking


Charlie taking her St. Paddy’s day nap

She may have nearly ripped ML’s eyelid off playing a game of “Where’s Daddy?”…

She may have thrown a baseball at my head while I was sleeping…

She may bark at nothing every morning at 4:45 am…

She may eat every flip flop in the house…

But she is all mine, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Don’t Shower with Your Dog

For those few of you who are keeping up with this teeny little blog, you know things are changing around here.

Over the past few weeks I have learned quite a few lessons that are honest and funny, and may go without saying but I would like to share with you.


Don’t shower with your dog. This may seem like the most obvious thing I have ever written, but it needs some explanation. Charlie is quite the curious pup, so I try to keep her with me at all times when I am home. This means when I go to take a shower she follow right behind me like my shadow. Well, a few days ago the little Miss got brave and hopped in the shower with me….I was not amused. But it’s moments like these that make great stories and great memories for ML and I to share.


It’s hard being lonely. When I started my new job I was so excited about all the new possibilities ahead of me and all the new people I would meet. To be honest I am seriously struggling with being the new girl and not having friends at work. ML has also been spending less time in Baltimore, much to both of our dismay. This all really adds up and weighs on me, but I’m trying to stay as positive as possible.


Peanut butter and Benadryl are your best friends. I love Charlie. She is my little baby and I adore her. While I do not have a human baby, and will not for a long time, I can see how a new dog would be a similar situation. Charlie is what you would call an intense chewer, and she gets bored with toys or games easily. She is terrified of the crate, so she uses my bedroom as her crate. She has had accidents and has torn apart my room on occasion. These are bumps in the road, but we are constantly learning from each other. I have embraced her love of peanut butter to get her to go to “her” room. And after 3 days of sleepless nights I have embraced the entire GNC Pets line of calming products and the magic of Benadryl.

It is amazing all the small lessons and truths you learn in your day to day life, and I’m excited to share mine with you.