I hate money…but please give me some

I bet that got your attention.

ML and I are fantastic people, but we are terrible with money. This is concerning for me on various levels, including the fact that he is an accountant. Oh well.

We have decided that we would like to buy a house in the near future, though living as one big happy family with my mother has been thrilling. If I look at my Facebook feed, it seems like every week there is another happy face holding a set of house keys to their brand new house. I would be lying if I said it didn’t send pangs of jealousy from my heart to my head every time. How do people do it? I look at my situation, clearly the one I know best, and I am at a loss for how my peers are homeowners. I make an above average salary (woohoo!), I have your basic payments (rent, car, selling my first born child to school loans, cell phone), plus I buy the necessities like food and gas. And at the end of the day, I’m left with a little bit to put into savings.


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Please other millenials, tell me your secret to saving $25k+ in no time to buy a house?

….And don’t even get me started on what a wedding costs…Good thing I’m not engaged..I guess


Picture Dump

Since I was gone for so long, I figured the best way to recount those missed occasions was through pictures, rather than words.

I bought a car ūüôā

AC graduated!

AC graduated!

Congratulations Grads!

Congratulations Grads!


Our little family

Our little family


My favorite people

My favorite people


Ate my first crabs of the season!

Ate my first crabs of the season!



and finally...another picture of ML with the Charlie bug

and finally…another picture of ML with the Charlie bug


Don’t Shower with Your Dog

For those few of you who are keeping up with this teeny little blog, you know things are changing around here.

Over the past few weeks I have learned quite a few lessons that are honest and funny, and may go without saying but I would like to share with you.


Don’t shower with your dog. This may seem like the most obvious thing I have ever written, but it needs some explanation. Charlie is quite the curious pup, so I try to keep her with me at all times when I am home. This means when I go to take a shower she follow right behind me like my shadow. Well, a few days ago the little Miss got brave and hopped in the shower with me….I was not amused. But it’s moments like these that make great stories and great memories for ML and I to share.


It’s hard being lonely. When I started my new job I was so excited about all the new possibilities ahead of me and all the new people I would meet. To be honest I am seriously struggling with being the new girl and not having friends at work. ML has also been spending less time in Baltimore, much to both of our dismay. This all really adds up and weighs on me, but I’m trying to stay as positive as possible.


Peanut butter and Benadryl are your best friends. I love Charlie. She is my little baby and I adore her. While I do not have a human baby, and will not for a long time, I can see how a new dog would be a similar situation. Charlie is what you would call an intense chewer, and she gets bored with toys or games easily. She is terrified of the crate, so she uses my bedroom as her crate. She has had accidents and has torn apart my room on occasion. These are bumps in the road, but we are constantly learning from each other. I have embraced her love of peanut butter to get her to go to “her” room. And after 3 days of sleepless nights I have embraced the entire GNC Pets line of calming products and the magic of Benadryl.

It is amazing all the small lessons and truths you learn in your day to day life, and I’m excited to share mine with you.

Earning your MRS

I was watching the Today show this morning and had to share my unwarranted opinion about this topic.

Susan Patton, a Princeton grad, wrote this letter¬†to her alma matter’s newspaper about the importance of women finding a husband while they are in college. ¬†Her justification for this claim is that girls entering college are at their prime, physically and fertile-ly, and by snagging a husband-to-be as a co-ed will be beneficial in the long run for their offspring. ¬†She does state that clearly she thinks women should receive an excellent education, as they should be the intellectual equals of their spouse.

Watching Savannah Guthrie interview this woman was painful, and really was a visual sum of why Patton is wrong. ¬†On the left is Savannah Guthrie, 40+ and recently engaged, in one of the most coveted positions in journalism, an incredibly well educated (Georgetown JD, U of Arizona BA) successful woman. ¬†On the right is Susan Patton, who’s claim to fame are her controversial claims made in her letter and now subsequent book. ¬†While I do not want to compare the physical appearance differences between the two women, it is clear that Patton is older than Guthrie, and may actually appear older than her years.

I know I do not stand alone in thinking that Patton is wrong, and may just be saying these things for the reaction she is receiving.  As a college freshman, about 6 years ago, I remember meeting a girl who said part of the reason she was at college was to meet a man to marry.  She referenced how her parents were married at 19 & 20 and had spent  20+ wonderful years together.  I think at 17 I was unable to hide my shock at her words.  If I heard the same thing now, at 23, I would be inclined to shake some sense into her.  I will say that to the best of my knowledge this girl is now married, and I would hope very happy.

The best part about college is it is the time to be selfish.  Not everyone gets the luxury of going away to better themselves and devote themselves solely to ideas and projects that interest them.  College is not just about the freedom of partying and being away from your parents, but of learning about yourself and growing.  If you put it in perspective, those 4 (or 7) years of your life are a simple fraction of all the years you will, G-d willing, live, but they will change you immensely.  Why spend that time looking for someone else, when you can become the best version of yourself?

I personally am very fortunate to have found an amazing man, and we just so happen to have met in college. ¬†While I may daydream about getting married, and have a Pinterest folder worth $1 million in billable hours for a wedding planner, I am happy I’m 23 and without a spouse. To the girls out there stressing about finding the right man by age 19, I say: it is not a race, it is not the the Ark, you should really live by the old adage about loving yourself before someone else can love you.

Finally Friday numero tres…

I’m a bad blogger…I know.

As my WordPress email reminded me this morning, so much has happened in my life since I last wrote. So in keeping with the Friday usual, a list to bring you up to speed.

1. My new job

I left my old job and began my new one.¬† There are obviously pros and cons to the move.¬† One massive pro is I am so deeply and passionately in love with the mission of the new organization.¬† I’ve spent most of my first week at my new desk (not office..sad Katie) reading all about the work the org does and the massive amount of people they help.¬† warm. and. fuzzies. Now the major con in my book is that I have a serious case of the “New Girls” and I feel awkward and out of place.¬† At my last job, I was very much the welcoming party, now I’m low man on the totem pole. It is also quite the culture shock.¬† I now work for the community I envision myself in but in all honesty I am still very much an outsider.¬† I’m so very hopeful and excited, and I hope making this HUGE change will work out in the end.

2. Charlie

ML and I got a dog.  Her name is Charlie, she is a pointer mix/mutt/rescue dog. She is sweet as can be and we are learning to be a little family.  My two family cats, Holly/Lazer cat/Chubbs and Rory are very slowly adjusting to Charlie.  And yes, those three names are one cat, her name has evolved over time.

Here she is…


Who am I…I’m Katie Schoe

..I hope everyone who reads that title reads it as I do, in the melodic voice of Jean Valjean a la Hugh Jackman.

Where to begin?  Well to start my name is Katie and I live in Baltimore.  I was born and raised here, left for four years of college in Philadelphia (T U, You know!!), returned to Baltimore to finish my undergrad after some tough times, and I officially graduate on next week.

I have an amazing family made up of my mom and my little sister, AC.  My dad passed away when I was 15, but my mom has been dating a great guy for the pat year.

I met the love of my life in a basement more than three years ago.  We will call him ML and he is wonderful.  He is everything I could have asked for, he is perfectly imperfect.  I could write for days about him but I will spare you.  We are currently in the midst of a long distance relationship, with me here in Baltimore and him still primarily in Philadelphia.  Say a little prayer and do a little dance to the Employment gods with me for him.

I work for a major nonprofit organization, and I love what I do.  When I leave work after a 50/60/70 hour week, I know that ultimately what I toiled over is going to benefit millions of people.  #warmfuzzies

I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to make of this blog, I’m going to say it will be part my nonsense, part attempts to make things from Pinterest (also nonsensical), maybe a healthy living update every once in a while. ¬†Whatever it becomes, I hope you will stick with me.

Let’s be a little cliche…

Welcome to my blog!

This little corner of the interwebs is the result of encouragement from Mr. ML, new found free time, and a need for a outlet space.¬† So here it is.¬† I’ve never been fantastic at this, I had a Xanga a million years ago and wrote in it approximately four times over three years.¬† But I’m hoping this will be a better adventure, after all I am 23 and not 12 this go around.

So as this is part of a list of promises I am making to my self (NOT resolutions)..Here is the rest of the list:

1. Get healthy.¬† If I lose weight, which I most likely will, fantastic.¬† If I don’t, so be it.¬† I am dedicating time to living healthier, not just through food and excercise, but through managing my anxiety issues through new channel (Hello blog!) and making an effort to be happy.

2. Organize.¬† I like to pretend I’m super organized.¬† I have this beautiful planner that I write things and and then forget to look at.¬† I have a color coordinated office calendar, that I forget to look at.¬† I have been so overwhelmed over the past few years with school, an intership/job, and part-time jobs that all of my good intentions to get organized has faltered.¬† But as I hope to become calmer, maybe fewer things will slip my mind.

3. Have fun.¬† ML and I are going to master the savings game moving forward.¬† Someday we are going to move out of my mother house, someday we are going to get hitched (I hope), and someday we are going to travel the world.¬† And that all requires large sums of money.¬† But we don’t want to spend our lives living like church mice until we can for over tens of thousands of dollars to do these things.¬† So we are taking the advice of one of my recent classmates, who own a wonderful Italian restaurant in Baltimore, and we are treating ourselves to something new or fancy or fun once a month.¬† I’m excited to try the many places that Baltimore and Philly have to offer.

Much of this doesn’t make sense since no one knows anything about me yet, but it will all fall into place soon enough.