Why it’s important that millennialist give.

It is no secret that I work in the world of nonprofits. I fundraise for a living for an organization that I am very proud to be a apart of. A topic that has come up over and over again throughout the few months I have been in my job is the next generation.

If you won one of those crazy jackpots what would you do with the money? Many would say buy a home and cars, travel the world, do outlandish things they could only ever dream about. If you asked me that same question I would answer similarly, but one of my dreams I would fulfill would to creat my own foundation to help those in need. The millennial generation has had everything they could ever ask for at their fingertips with the internet, and have found phenomenal ways to use social media for the betterment of mankind. But unfortunately liking a photo is not enough.

If you look at some of the world’s richest people they are giving away their wealth left and right, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are just two examples. And while they are phenomenal examples, they are of a certain age and generation. Millennialist are not as apt to giving as their parents and grandparents have been. This is a generation who is happy with instant gratification, myself very much included. This mentality is great for those organization and movements out there who thrive off of volunteer manpower. But every organization that makes a difference also needs a way to keep their lights on, and volunteerism does not pay the bills.

The purpose of this post is not to say millennialist aren’t philanthropically inclined, or that money is the answer to the issues at hand. This is to say that everyone should devote themselves to a cause, defy the “selfish millennial” stereotype. But also know that by ingesting time AND money you are not just helping others but investing in your future as well