WCW – Emma Watson

I feel like I have grown up with Emma Watson, as I’m sure many people my age do.  Yes, the Harry Potter series has always held a special place in my heart, and Hermione may be the fictional girl I always wanted to be.  But it is Emma Watson’s new position, that makes her this week’s WC.

As a UNWomen Ambassador, she is taking the issue of gender inequality head on.  The HeForShe campaign is unique in it’s approach to equality, a “solidarity movement” as they describe it.  In Emma’s speech to the United Nations, she notes that while she has been afforded unique opportunities in her life, she has still be the victim of misogyny.  When I heard this line, it made me think about my life, and the moments where I was made to feel lesser.  I feel like recently the discussion of feminism has been a hot topic, with people like Emma, particularly of the same age, leading the discussion.  This is a global issue too, not just one for the Western 20somethings to blog about.  (myself obviously included) That is why I think the HeForShe campaign has the right idea, its not about the sexes, its about humanity fighting for their own rights.

Watch Emma’s speech at the UN, and share your own thoughts and feelings.